Dedicated to the Creation of Art and Its Promotion in the Community

180 Poplar Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2L 2C3

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In-house Art Display

Members are invited to display any of your work along the walls at our club centre (180 Poplar). Please list the work and your name on the sign up sheet when you bring a painting in and, for security purposes, make sure to let the Executive know when you are taking it home.


​May 4 - 6

Participating artists

Andrew Zurawsky             Beth Maurer               Bev Baggley
Bonnie Hildebrand            Briony Haig             Carleigh Duncan Doyle
Dave Nichols           Doreen Bissett            Elaine Clerc 
Elizabeth Crozier        Fran Dales            Fred Perchaluk
Gail Penner           Garth Palanuk          Helen Smith
Ida MacKenzie            Janet Dent             Janice Giasson
Jerry Magnusson              Jo Smoley            Joan Duma
Joy Matsubara            Linda McCallum             Luba Olesky
Lydia Bartel            Mark Kosatsky             Norma Balacko
Patrick LeMadec           Rick Emslie           Ruth Baxter
Ruth Kamenev            RuthAnn Melsted            Shirley Myren
Susan Flaherty           Vivien Jean             

The following is a list of charities that the Local Colour Art Group has donated art show raffle proceeds to:

Fall 2017 - River East Neighborhood Network - Not Just Dainties

Fall 2016 – Moms’ Support Group - The Refuge - Special Event
Spring 2016 - The Together in Elmwood (TIE) parent and child coalition - Special Event
Fall 2015 - Youth in Elmwood Arts and Recreation (YEAR) program
Spring 2015 - Variety Club
Fall 2014 - Children's Wish Fund
Spring 2014 - Salvation Army
Fall 2013 - Winnipeg Harvest and a call for a Tin for the Bin
Spring 2013 - Alzheimer's Society
Fall 2012 - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society
Spring 2012 - Fire Fighter’s burn fund
Fall 2011 - D’Arcy’s Arc
Spring 2011 - Agape Table
Fall 2010 - Humane Society   

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