Bonnie Taylor

About the Artist:  Winnipeg born from homesteader stock, I've lived my life moving from province to province, across the ocean and back, a lifelong learner open to new friends, new skills, and always ready to move on.  Although I celebrate that nothing abides, wherever I live I feel rooted forever.

After studies in art history and a career in lighting sales, my artistic background is self-directed, with formal training and inspiration via workshops and mentoring.  My creative process usually begins by noticing some interesting line or contrast that is suggestive of something or other, then mulling over the possibilities until settling into the theme of the work.  My interests are to capture and depict the energetic tension between line and colour. 

Subjects are eclectic, usually interpreted as fauvism abstract expressionism, and informed by research, social contact, attending workshops, exhibiting, and delivering art history lectures.  I am a member of Charleswood Art Group & Local Colour Art Group.  As an elected member of the Manitoba Society of Artists. I organize their art history conferences, and for 5 years have chaired Manitoba's Open Juried Competition and Exhibition.  I also enjoy serving as a Docent for the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Many of these paintings are for sale. Please contact the club to get in touch with the artist.
Paintings may not be reproduced, copied or imitated in any way. Thank you.

Dedicated to the Creation of Art and Its Promotion in the Community

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