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180 Poplar Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2L 2C3

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Local Colour Art Group offers a variety of workshops to its members. If you are interested in participating in one or all of them, please sign up following the instructions below. Contact Pat via email or phone to confirm available space in a workshop.

Unless otherwise indicated, the fee for each workshop is $35.00. Please list the workshops you would to attend and send this form with an enclosed cheque to: 

Briony Haig, 147 Garfield St. S, Winnipeg, MB  R3G 2L7




Upon receipt of your form and fees, your registration will be confirmed by e-mail or telephone. You will also be notified if a class is filled and your money will be returned. We will maintain a waiting list of no more than 5 people for each class. Please note: Refunds will not be available beginning 1 week before each class.

**Note: You are required to bring your own lunch. 

See more of our CURRENTLY LISTED workshops by linking to our Newsletter.